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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is responsible for the long-term health and viability of the public forest.

The Crown Forest Sustainability Act (CFSA) requires a Registered Professional Forester (R.P.F.) to develop a Forest Management Plan (FMP) outlining long-term strategies and targets to ensure the health and viability of the forest. Modeling is carried out to ensure the forest and wildlife habitat are maintained or enhanced over time. Other values, such as recreational, medicinal, or environmental aspects are also protected.

What Registered Professional Foresters Do?  
"OFIA Article"    "OPFA Website"

A Planning Team is formed to develop FMP's; including representatives from government, industry, tourism, recreation, Indigenous communities, and interested stakeholder parties.   The next planning team will be established for the development of the 2031-2041 Dryden Forest Management Plan in the fall of 2028.  

A significant component of the FMP is the protection of values.  A value is defined as a component of the forest that is important, such as; species at risk, fish and wildlife habitat, water features, cottage and recreational areas, trapper cabins and trails, cultural and heritage features, etc.   DFMC can only provide protection to values that are known; therefore, we encourage everyone to take part in the FMP process to ensure your value is considered.

Handbook for Getting Involved in Forest Management on Crown Lands In Ontario

The public is invited to comment on the 2021-2031 FMP development at any time; however, there are 5 formal stages where input will be solicited in the planning process:

FMP Preparation Schedule

2021-2031 Plan Development Schedule
Estimated Dates
Stage 1: Invitation to Participate
September 18, 2018
Stage 2: Long-Term Management Direction
October 23, 2019
Stage 3: Proposed Operations
January 22, 2020
Stage 4: Draft FMP

July 29, 2020
Public Forum, Best Western, Dryden
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the proposed Public Forum to review the Draft FMP will not be able to take place.   Please review the documents and provide your comments.

Stage 5: MNRF Approved FMP
November 23, 2020

FMP Implementation

April 1, 2021

The Local Citizens Advisory Committee (LCAC) also exists to increase effectiveness of public consultation and public participation, and to provide advice and recommendations to planning teams and the MNRF District Manager.  To contact the LCAC or if would you like to become a member, visit their website at drydenlcac.ca
Dryden Forest Management Company is currently implementing the approved 2011-2021 Forest Management Plan.  The 10 year FMP contains two 5-year operational phases.  Phase 2 is now approved for operations until March 31, 2021.

The fiscal year is from April 1st to March 31st.
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10-Year Forest Management Plan 

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